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Checkout procedure & payment methods

On this site you will find all information about online booking and accepted payment methods during the booking process.

Additionally, we have provided some useful information about the 3D-Secure system for credit cards. Dorint is using this secure procedure for a long time - for your own safety!

Payment methods for online booking

For some very low rates, fair dates, high seasons or as a guarantee for late arrival,  it will be necessary to provide your credit card details.

Within the booking process you will therefore be requested to enter your credit card details from our partner Concardis.

We accepted the following credit cards as payment:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express*

Diners club credit cards will not be accepted.

As additional service, we offer you a bank transfer via our Partner*

Or use PayPal as Pre-Payment Service.*

Please note, that you will be credited direct, if you use or PayPal, independently if you book a Pre-Payment Rate or not.

* These Payments are not offered by every of our Hotel or Resorts; Services are not offered in every Country.

Information about Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode procedure

Within our booking engine we use an automatic payment system for your safety. We have decided for an experienced and qualified partner, Concardis Paymentsystems. By using this technologie, we can ensure the security of your credit card details.

Advantages of this automated process are, that your sensitive credit card details will not be stored at any time, so that they cannot be intercepted and  misused by anyone. No employee, from Dorint or any other external partner, concerned with your booking will see your credit card number, the expiration date or the CVC-Code.

With this technology Dorint Hotels & Resorts are on of the few hotel companies, who have implemented the european rule before legal validity and therefore are working PCI compliant.

We often receive many questions about MasterCard Secure or Visa Verified procedure. For this reason, we have provided some information about this safe shopping in the internet:

Subject shopping on the internet:

1. How secure is shopping on the internet? Are the transactions as safe as in regular stores? Why?

Subject MasterCard SecureCode

2. What is MasterCard SecureCode?

Subject functionality and benefit

3. How do I use MasterCard SecureCode?

4. How does MasterCard SecureCode work?

5. Can MasterCard SecureCode also be setup elsewhere than from my bank?

6. Does the merchant have access to my data?

Subject safety

7. How secure is MasterCard SecureCode?



1. How secure is shopping on the internet? Are the transactions as safe as in regular stores? Why?

As for now, MasterCard® cards have been a secure payment on the internet so far by using modern technologies, which make shopping as safe as in regular merchant shops. These include, SSL-encoding on data transfer, the PCI security standard (which defines the handling of data and is ensured by the MasterCard „Site Data Protection“ Programme), the CVC-Code and particulary the MasterCard® SecureCode™.

The main difference between shopping on the internet and in your local shop is, that the direct contact between the merchant and customer is missing. To make shopping even more secure, MasterCard has implemented the MasterCard SecureCode with credit card issued banks. With a self-chosen code (the SecureCode) every purchase is extra covered.

Payments with MasterCard are very safe due to modern security technologies in combination with some few precautionary measures – on the Internet and also in your local retailer. Overall, the advantages outweigh other payment methods. It is often forgotten, that these also bare risks e.g. prepayment (risk of loss through insolvency), direct debit (risk of misuse through too high or repeated charges, cash payment (loss, theft).

2. What is MasterCard SecureCode?

MasterCard SecureCode is an authentication procedure for even more secure shopping on the internet. In the payment process, the online shop sends a request to your bank. The bank opens a seperate window in your browser and asks for your code, the SecureCode, which is only known be you and your bank. The merchant is not involved here. This security request is seemless integrated into the payment process and completed very fast. You can shop easy and convenient und enjoy modern safety.

3. How do I use MasterCard SecureCode?

To use MasterCard SecureCode, please contact your bank, if your credit card has been activated for SecureCode and how the registation is being handled. Your personal MasterCard SecureCode is only known by you and your bank. For online shopping no software or download is needed. You can use MasterCard SecureCode at any time, worldwide and on every (secure) internet computer.

4. How does MasterCard SecureCode work?

Step 1

Please visit the website of your bank (not MasterCard) and create your personal SecureCode, which is can be self-chosen. This code is only known by you and your bank. Use this code everytime you are shopping online and you are requested to enter it.

  • For your registration for MasterCard SecureCode, you will be requested to confirm your identity by answering security question from your bank. These question will be defined by your bank and will confirm, that your are the legal card holder.

  • You will then be asked to create your MasterCard SecureCode and a personal greeting.
  • In few simple step your registration is completed and you can shop online with your new MasterCard SecureCode. 

Step 2

Purchase at merchantpartner, who show the MasterCard SecureCode Logo on their website.

With your applied MasterCard® card you can shop and buy easily.


Step 3

After submitting your order, a message of your bank is shown, which requests you to confirm your identity by entering your MasterCard SecureCode - as quick and simple as your PIN code on every ATM.

In the payment process with your MasterCard® an input window from your bank will be displayed automatically. Information about the merchantpartner, the order value, the order date, the last four digits of your card number and your personal greeting will be shown.

As an additional security measure, the personal greeting will assure, that you are communicating directly with your bank (and not with any deceitful website), when entering the MasterCard SecureCode.

You will have to enter now your personal MasterCard SecureCode. Your bank confirms your identity. Afterwards, your purchase is completed - safe, quick and uncomplicated.

The merchant has no access to your personal data.


5. Can MasterCard SecureCode also be setup elsewhere than from my bank?

Yes, if you did not activate the SecureCode at your bank, this will be registered and activated the first time you purchase from a participating merchant.

After submitting your order, a message from your bank will be shown, which requests you to apply for MasterCard SecureCode and to confirm your identity.

Afterwards, please choose your personal MasterCard SecureCode - very simple! From now on your online shopping is much safer.

When shopping the next time on a participating merchantsite, you will have to enter only your MasterCard SecureCode.

So much safety from one little code!

6. Does the merchant have access to my data?

No, the online shop does not have any access to your personal data. These are stored safely at your bank.

7. How secure is MasterCard SecureCode?

MasterCard SecureCode offers you modern security payment methods on the internet by using a personal access code. The authentification process is occurring only between you and your bank. The online merchant does not have any controll to your personal greeting or your SecureCode. According to modern standards, the data transfer is safe and encoded.