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Terms & Conditions Dorint Best Price Guarantee

Conditions for the Dorint Best Price Guarantee

I. Definition

Book with a guarantee of the best price available via the Dorint booking channels:

  • the Dorint Service Centre
  • directly in one of the participating Dorint hotels

II. Conditions

If, within 24 hours of booking via one of the above-mentioned Dorint booking channels and in accordance with these conditions for the Dorint Best Price Guarantee, you find a cheaper room price on the open market and available for the specified time, and if you submit to us a legitimate application within the same period of 24 hours and at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled time of arrival, we will grant the cheaper price for your Dorint booking as well as a reduction of 25%.

The following criteria must all be in full agreement:

  • Hotel
  • Room category
  • Arrival and departure dates
  • Number of guests
  • Booking condtions
  • Acceptance of these conditions

III. Exclusions

The Best Price Guarantee is not valid for:

  • Prices not published on the open market (company conditions, group rates, conference rates, special offers via mailings of any nature, voucher offers)
  • Taxes, spa visitors’ taxes or any other duties levied on guests by the commune or municipality
  • Tips
  • Arrangements

Offers made by concealed providers (e.g.,, etc.) which only reveal the name of the hotel once a booking has been made
Price differences solely due to fluctuation and/or variations in exchange rates
Excluded channels / offers:

  • Tour operators
  • Auction platforms (eBay, etc.)
  • Vouchers (Groupon, etc.)
  • Package deals, arrangements (wellness, halfboard, etc.) and/or extensions / additional nights
  • Opaque portals (hotel brand only revealed once a booking has been made, e.g.,
  • Company portals / rates
  • Consortia rates
  • Last-minute apps
  • Wholesaler
  • Group Bookings

IV. Application

The following details are required for any application submitted:

a) Acceptance of these conditions for the Best Price Guarantee

b) Guest details

  • Name, First name
  • E-mail address
  • Phone number

c) Booking details

  • Name of the hotel
  • Dates of arrival and departure
  • Booking / confirmation number (optional)

d) Comparison details

  • Address of the website with the cheaper offer and the date of that offer
  • Screenshot of the cheaper offer (if possible)
  • Statement of the cheaper price

The following options are available for you to submit your Best Price application:

Online application
Using the link on our website will take you to an online application form with input boxes for all the compulsory data.

Application as a downloadable PDF document

As an alternative to an online application, you can download an application form as a PDF for you to fill out and send to the Dorint Service Centre, either by fax to +49 221 48567-148 or by e-mail to

Submit your Best Price application to us within 24 hours of booking and at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled time of arrival. We will examine your application and you will receive a reply from us within the space of 72 hours (Mon. – Fri., 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.).

Should you receive confirmation of a price reduction, the e-mail stating this must be shown at the hotel reception when checking in to the hotel.

V. Liability

Dorint GmbH shall not be liable for any cancellation fees or any other charges or fees arising from the cancellation of a reservation.
Claims arising from the Best Price Guarantee shall be valid if and when they conform with all the above-mentioned conditions and are submitted in accordance with the outlined procedures prescribed for the processing of such applications. There is no legal claim to any legal consequences arising out of this Best Price Guarantee.

Dorint GmbH reserves the right at any time, without prior notice, and at its own discretion to amend, modify or rescind this Guarantee and all conditions relating to it.

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Issue: 09/12