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Conditions of Participation in the Dorint Bonus Programme

I. Scope and operator of the Dorint Bonus Programme

The Dorint Bonus Programme is operated by Dorint GmbH, Aachener Straße 1051, 50858 Köln (Cologne), Germany (hereinafter referred to as “Dorint”).

As participants in the Dorint Bonus Programme, all Dorint Card holders (hereinafter also referred to as “participants”) have the opportunity, when staying overnight at hotels and resorts taking part in the Dorint Bonus Programme, to collect Dorint bonus points which they can redeem in exchange for over- night stay premiums or premium gifts, or which they can donate to a charitable cause.

By using the Dorint Card membership number and the corresponding password participants can book rooms at a discounted member rate in a participating hotel. The member rate is subject to availability and must be selected during the booking process when choosing the appropriate rate. The member rate is limited to simultaneous reservations of a maximum of two rooms and can only be made use of if the participant in the program whose Dorint Card number is used in the booking process travels himself.

In addition, all Dorint Card holders enjoy special privileges while staying in any of the hotels and resorts taking part, in accordance with the holders’ respective membership status. Unless expressly stated to the contrary, these Conditions of Participation apply to all Dorint Card holders, irrespective of their membership status (Dorint Card Basic or Premium status). The hotels and resorts taking part in the Dorint Bonus Programme are indicated on the Dorint website at Participants can also request this information by phone from the Dorint Card Service Center on +49 221 48567-222.

II. Conditions of Participation in the Dorint Bonus Programme

1. Participation and status of participants

1.1 Only individual and natural persons aged 18 years or over are eligible to participate in the Dorint Bonus Programme. Companies, juristic persons, other organisations and groups, and the staff either of Dorint or of companies associated with Dorint are not entitled to participate. Multiple registrations of individual persons are not permissible. No legal entitlement exists to participation in the Dorint Bonus Programme. In addition, a valid E-Mail address is required in order to participate in the Dorint Bonus programme. Dorint GmbH must be notified immediately of any changes of the E-Mail address or postal address. Alternatively the participant can update their data online on the Dorint Card Member portal website.

1.2 Participation in the Dorint Bonus Programme is free of charge. In order to participate, guests fill out all the details, taking into account all required mandatory fields, on the appropriate application form. After receipt of the complete registration at Dorint, the participant will receive his personal Dorint Card number by e-mail. Points for the Dorint bonus programme will be credited as soon as Dorint receives the application. Only after confirmation of the link in the Dorint personal digital card e-mail will all other functions of the personal digital card be activated. The personal Dorint Card is not transferable, Dorint Cards in the form of previously issued plastic cards fully remain the property of Dorint. In the event of the Dorint Card number being lost, the participant must inform Dorint immediately. On request Dorint will then issue a digital replacement card to the respective participant free of charge.

1.3 The status of a participant is determined by the amount of turnover and/or the number of overnight stays he/she generates in the Hotels & Resorts taking part. No minimum turnover is required for acquisition of the Dorint Card with Basic status. The Dorint Card Premium is awarded to a participant if and when he/she personally, within a continuous period of twelve months from receipt of the application by Dorint, he/she personally stays for either a minimum of 30 nights in at least three different Dorint Hotels & Resorts for the first time or made payment of bills totalling at least EUR 6,000 in at least three different Dorint Hotels & Resorts within a continuous period of twelve months from receipt of the application by Dorint. This will be calculated pursuant to II. 2.2. Any holder of a Dorint Card Premium who, in the following 12 months, fails to generate the aforementioned minimum turnover and/or minimum number of overnight stays, will be issued with a Dorint Card with Basic status.

2. Acquiring Dorint bonus points

2.1 Collecting Dorint bonus points is possible from the day of receipt of the application (see I. 1.2). In order to have Dorint bonus points credited to them for overnight stays, participants must quote their personal Dorint Card number when making their room reservations. The subsequent or retroactive crediting of Dorint bonus points is only possible within a period of two months after the end of any respective stay. No bonus points will be credited for stays in participating Hotels & Resorts that take place before Dorint received the fully completed Dorint Card application, i.e. for stays before the participation in the Dorint Bonus programme.

2.2 For every EUR 1.00 of turnover he/she generates in the course of overnight stays at the hotels and resorts taking part, the participant shall be awarded 3 Dorint bonus points. Participants shall only receive Dorint bonus points for rooms they have booked and paid for in person, but in which they themselves have not stayed, if and when the person or persons staying in these rooms are family members accompanying the participant. Family members shall exclusively mean a participant’s spouse/civil partner, children and grandchildren, or parents. In addition to the revenue from overnight stays, the participant's payment for food and beverages (if offered by the hotel and/or resort in its own name and on its own account) is also considered. However, turnover of food and beverages will only be taken into account if a room reservation has been made for which the participant also receives Dorint bonus points. At the Dorint Card Service Center, you are welcome to enquire at any time whether the booking you are going to make or the service you are going to use will be eligible for Dorint bonus points. Foreign currencies shall be converted internally on the basis of the respective current exchange rate and rounded up or down in compliance with standard bookkeeping practice.

2.3 No Dorint bonus points shall be awarded to participants for:

a) services booked by a tour operator or intermediary or for which the participant has received a voucher from the tour operator or intermediary;

b) overnight stays billed at special rates, such as special rates for travel agents, crews/airlines, etc.;

c) any turnover, including overnight stays, generated in the course and context of conferences, events, or organised group bookings;

d) any overnight stay premiums and/or hotel services gained using Dorint bonus points;

e) the acquisition of vouchers and the utilisation of services for which payment is made by voucher;

f) overnight stays and directly related ancillary services (e.g. final cleaning) if and when these are associated with “owner” coupons.

g) Turnovers for other ancillary services (e.g. spa visits, parking fees, visitor’s tax, etc.)

If a participant is awarded miles/points as part of a frequent flyer programme for his/her stay in the hotels and resorts taking part, then no parallel Dorint bonus points may be simultaneously credited.

2.4 Participants are not permitted to cede, delegate, or pledge their Dorint bonus points and privileges to other participants in the Dorint Bonus Programme or to any third party.

2.5 Dorint shall administer participants’ bonus point accounts in a central database. Participants can check the current balance of their accumulated Dorint bonus points at any time, either by phoning the Dorint Card Service Center on +49 221 48567-222 or online on the Dorint Bonus Programme website in the personal Dorint Card account, accessed by using personal access data.

3. Redeeming Dorint bonus points

3.1 Dorint bonus points can only be redeemed in exchange for overnight stay premiums or for such premium gifts as are listed either on the Dorint website or highlighted in special-issue Dorint Bonus Programme publications, this is possible under the conditions specified there. Alternatively, participants can also opt to donate a required minimum number of Dorint bonus points (currently a minimum of 1,000 points) to the Dorint charity partner. Charitable donation receipts will, however, not be issued.

3.2 The premium gifts and charitable donations can be claimed online on the website in the personal Dorint Card Member Account using the personal access data and redeemed with the required number of bonus points. Premium nights can be booked online using the personal Dorint Card membership number and corresponding password at: If you have any questions please contact the Dorint Card Service Center at or+49-221-48567-222.

3.3 Premium services, whether in the form of premium gifts or overnight stay premiums, are all subject to availability at the time they are ordered. In all cases where the desired premium is not available, Dorint will immediately inform the participant, offering him/her an alternative. This also applies to premium gifts which cannot be sent to a country outside the European Union (EU) due to legal regulations. Dorint will send premium gifts free of charge to participants within the EU. If a shipment is not to be made within the EU, employees of the Dorint Card Service Center will coordinate the shipment with the participant and inform him/her of the shipping costs to be borne by him/her.If delivery of a premium gift that has been ordered is not possible within or outside the EU, the participant bears the costs for the reshipment.

3.4 A monetary value advantage associated with, and taxable on receipt of the premium service shall be taxed on a flat-rate basis by Dorint and taken over by Dorint.

3.5 Accumulated Dorint bonus points are valid for a period of 36 months from the date of their acquisition. Dorint bonus points not redeemed within this period shall be forfeited without compensation at the end of the succeeding quarter. The quarter in which they were collected shall be decisive with regard to forfeited Dorint bonus points, and not the exact date of their accreditation. Dorint does not provide any separate information on an upcoming expiry of bonus points.

3.6 The conversion of Dorint bonus points into an equivalent monetary value, or the payment and/or settlement of them in cash are excluded. The exchange or return of Dorint premium services is only possible within limitations: Premium gifts are non-returnable. In the case of an overnight stay premium that has already been booked but not used, the respective Dorint bonus point value will only be subsequently credited to the participant's account if the Dorint cardholder cancels the premium overnight stay in due time, in compliance with the cancellation deadlines of the participating Dorint Hotels and Resorts. In the event of late cancellation, the Dorint bonus points accumulated for this purpose will be forfeited without compensation.

3.7 Only a limited number of rooms is available for the overnight stay premiums. The redemption of overnight stay premiums is therefore only possible on request and subject to availability, and to prior confirmation of booking being received. The overnight stay premiums apply for the hotels and resorts taking part and include accommodation in a double or single room in the chosen category including breakfast (for a maximum of 2 persons).

III. Further provisions for the Dorint Bonus Programme

1. Termination of participation

1.1 Regular termination of participation in the Dorint Bonus Programme may be effected by either party without either notice being given or reasons being specified, in particular in the event that Dorint replaces the programme with another one. Participants may submit their termination by letter addressed to: Dorint GmbH, Dorint Card Service Center, Aachener Straße 1051, 50858 Köln, Germany, by e-mail to: or by fax to: +49 221 48567-148. Points credited at the time of termination will automatically be donated to Dorint’s Charity Partner unless a redemption for the remaining points is requested instead of a donation. Dorint shall be notified of this request immediately upon or after receipt of the notice of termination. Dorint bonus points may not be transferred to another participant’s account (whether already in existence or newly opened).

1.2 Dorint reserves the right, given good reason, to terminate without notice in exceptional circumstances. Good reason is given especially in cases where a participant is culpably and seriously in breach of these Conditions of Participation. The same shall apply in cases of abuse or substantially false declaration. Abuse is deemed to exist particularly in cases constituting a breach of II. 2.4.

1.3 In the event of the death of a Dorint Card holder, his/her participation in the Dorint Bonus Programme shall cease. In such an event, whatever Dorint bonus point balance may still exist shall be donated to the Dorint charity partner.

2. Programme changes

Dorint reserves the right to make changes or amendments at any time to the Dorint Bonus Programme, the premiums contained therein and the relevant Conditions of Participation, whereby Dorint shall give commensurate consideration to the interests of the participants. The changes or amendments shall be deemed to have the approval of the participants and shall become an integral part of this contract unless any participant shall file written objection with Dorint within one month of notification thereof being made. Dorint will inform the participants in writing solely per E-mail of any changes and point out the legal consequences of the objection or its omission.

3. Liability

Dorint assumes unlimited liability for intent and gross negligence. Dorint shall only be liable for ordinary negligence – except in the case of injury to life, limb or health or in legally mandatory cases, e.g. in accordance with the Product Liability Act – if material contractual obligations (cardinal duties) are breached. Essential contractual obligations are those obligations the fulfilment of which is essential for the proper execution of the contract and the observance of which the contractual partner relies on and may rely on. Insofar as liability is excluded or limited above, this shall also apply to the personal liability of Dorint's employees, workers, representatives, committees and bodies, and vicarious agents. 4. Applicable law The law of the Federal Republic of Germany shall exclusively apply.

Last revision: November 2020