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Dorint Card: Erholsame Prämienübernachtung

Relaxing overnight stay as a bonus 

Already from 5,000 points e.g. in Arnsberg or Berlin 

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Dorint Card: Erlebnisreiche Übernachtungen

Exciting overnight stays

From 7,500 points, if you like, it's fast,
e.g. at the Dorint Am Nürburgring

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Dorint Card: Pulsierende Städte ab 10.000 Punkten

Pulsating cities with 10,000 points and more

Experience interesting city trips, e.g. in
Hamburg or Cologne, starting at 10,000 points.

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Dorint Card: Purer Luxus ab 12.500 Punkten

Pure luxury from 12,500 points

Dreamlike luxury overnight accomodations e.g. in
Bremen or on Sylt, starting from 12.500 points.

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Dorint Card Punkte spenden - Stiftung Mutige Kinder

Donate Dorint Card Points

Do something good from as little as 1,000 points!
For the benefit of the "Brave Kids" foundation.

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Your Dorint Card service team
Monday to Friday
09:00 am to 06.00 pm

Donate Dorint Card Points to our charity partner "Mutige Kinder e.V." (Brave Kids Foundation)

Collect points and help others

Donate the points on your Dorint Card to our child-protection charity partner, the Stiftung Mutige Kinder e.V. (Brave Kids foundation)!*

The living environment in which children grow up is essential for their development. Children growing up in poverty are clearly disadvantaged. Social isolation, insufficient education and unhealthy living conditions have negative effects on childrens development. This is where the charity foundation “Brave kids” comes in. It helps ensure that socially deprived children and teenagers are protected and supported. The fund for child protection is generated through single donations from private persons and companies as well as regular contributions from 1.500 supporting members. The fund enables our charity to promote specific projects for disadvantaged children and teenagers .

  • for 1,000 Dorint-Card points we donate € 10
  • for 2,500 Dorint-Card points we donate € 25
  • for 5,000 Dorint-Card points we donate € 50
  • for 10,000 Dorint-Card points we donate € 100

* Please appreciate that, unfortunately, tax-redemption certificates cannot be issued on these donations.