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Dorint Card: Erholsame Prämienübernachtung

Erholsame Prämienübernachtung 

Bereits ab 5.000 Punkten z. B. in Arnsberg oder Berlin 

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Dorint Card: Erlebnisreiche Übernachtungen

Erlebnisreiche Übernachtungen

Ab 7.500 Punkten geht es, wenn Sie möchten,
rasant zu, z.B. im Dorint Am Nürburgring

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Dorint Card: Pulsierende Städte ab 10.000 Punkten

Pulsierende Städte ab 10.000 Punkten

Erleben Sie interessante Städtetrips z. B. in
Hamburg oder Köln, bereits ab 10.000 Punkten.

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Dorint Card: Purer Luxus ab 12.500 Punkten

Purer Luxus ab 12.500 Punkten

Traumhafte Luxusübernachtungen z. B. in Bremen
oder auf Sylt, bereits ab 12.500 Punkten.

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Dorint Card Punkte spenden - Stiftung Tapfere Kinder

Dorint Card Punkte spenden

Schon ab 1.000 Punkte etwas gutes Tun!
Zu Gunsten "Stiftung Tapfere Kinder"

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Johannes King - The cook book of land and sea

3,500 points

Johannes King  
The cook book of land and sea

  • The new large recipe book of Johannes King
  • Fine regional products encounter 2 Michelin-star-rated chef
  • A grounded vision of the future gourmet cuisine

Star-rated cuisine between land and sea
In his second book, Johannes King, 2 Michelin star-rated chef in Rantum/ Sylt, presents grounded, regional and seasonal gourmet cuisine with basic ingredients from the island. As the owner of an ocean-going fishing boat, tenant of a farm in Morsum, and host and Executive Chef of the Söl’ring Hof, he is a creative producer and innovative processor of fine, regional ingredients to create exceptionally striking “normal” dishes. This is the way haute cuisine should and will pursue to maintain its’ importance.

Photography: Luzia Ellert, Text: Ingo Swoboda 23 cm × 30 cm, 320 pages, approx.. 200 pictures, approx. 100 illustrated recipies, basics, bound, threat stitching, large size, cover, valuable color art print, special varnish – finish, ISBN-13: 978-389910533-9

Special Remark:
We will be happy to provide you with a personal dedication from Johannes King. We kindly ask you to let us know the desired dedication.

Important note: Shipping and transport costs for destinations outside the European Union will be charged at your own expense!