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Ultimate relaxation on the golf course

Hardly any other sport becomes a passion as fast as golf. Dorint guest Dietmar Kindler reminisces: “I used to think golf was boring.” Not any more: he meanwhile spends as much time as possible on the golf course. “My daughter persuaded me to try a few swings. And I’ve been hooked ever since.” Golf trainer Roman Graf from Bitburg knows why: “Golf is addictive.”Outdoor exercise enables you to regain strength and beginners always want to get onto the course as soon as possible. Usually this takes about five hours before they can get started with a trainer. After around 20 hours, golf novices can obtain their golfing permit and set off on their own around the course. “Beginners in particular should practice as often as possible. The actual game is learned on the course”, adds Graf. In many Dorint Hotels & Resorts, golfers will find the very best courses and offers.