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Mutige Kinder e.V. - The Foundation Brave Kids

Our charity partner, the Mutige Kinder e.V. Foundation, is committed to promoting children's rights worldwide.

Unfortunately, it is a sad fact that even today children here in Germany are still living and being abused in need and poverty. However, the Brave Kids Foundation says the fight to this end, because children have a right to grow up with love, security and trust.

The foundation was founded in 2013 on the initiative of Reiner Calmund and Ewald Dietrich and, in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the foundation's focus is on the values of equal treatment, protection, health, education and social participation. The origin, religion and gender of the child play no role in this, the right to these values should be granted to every child.

The Foundation mainly funds projects in Germany. These include:

  • Youth and children's homes
  • Children's village families
  • Organised care services for socially disadvantaged children
  • Facilities within the framework of street social work
  • Child protection projects

In addition to this focus, there is also a cooperation with the Human Help Network Foundation Thailand. This foundation developed the Child Protection Program, which protects children and adolescents from sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

We are proud that we actively support the foundation and would like to encourage you to do so!

It's actually quite easy:

You have the opportunity to do something good with our bonus program, the Dorint-Card Gutes. Simply collect the bonus points during your stay with us and donate 10 € from 1,000 points collected. >>> Click here to find out more.

In December 2017, we appeared for the first time as main sponsor of the Brave Children Foundation at our 11th Dorint Charity Sports Night. At the charity gala, a total of € 200,000 was raised for the children.
Join us and do good things!

This has motivated us to continue being active as the main sponsor and to support the good cause - to this day!